Molecular Biology in Bioinformatics

Molecular Biology in Bioinformatics Photo

Bioinformatics is a software tool to examine biological data. Bioinformatics is used for identification of genes and SNPs. Such identifications are made for understanding the genetic basis of a disease, its properties and differences between the populations. Bioinformatics tries to apprehend the principles of nucleic acid and protein called proteomicsBioinformatics is a major slice of Molecular Biology. In genetics it is used for studying the mutations also in gene regulation and protein expression. It is for studying how cellular activities are altered in diseases. Major research is done in drug discovery, gene finding, prediction of gene expression, protein-protein interaction, molecular biology etc., Structural Bioinformatics also plays important role in bioinformatics.

  • DNA sequencing
  • Genes and protein expression
  • Analysis of cellular organization
  • Genome Annotation

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