Current Trends in Molecular Biology & Stem Cells

Current Trends in Molecular Biology & Stem Cells  Photo

In recent studies of Molecular Biology scientists had found that genetic exchange alter the physical expression. The contrast between meshed toes and distinct digits may be the outcome of not just genetic information but how the genes regulate that information. Researches had established that a compact, nonspecific twist to a mammal’s DNA can possibly seed particular and remarkable physical alter. In a different research of Molecular Biology, introductory monkey clones were fabricated by the method that made dolly. The initiate primate clones made by somatic cell nuclear transfer were two genetically undifferentiated long-tailed macaques that had latterly been born. Researchers termed the new-borns as Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong following the Chinese adjective Zhonghua which denotes the Chinese nation or people. The scientific milestone makes it a realistic prospect for labs to manage research with customizable populations of genetically uniform monkeys. On jan17, 2018 scientists disclosed that a cell holds 42 million protein molecules. Scientists had eventually laid their pioneer efforts on examining the protein molecules in a cell, concluding decades of assumptions and clearing the way for further research on how protein abundance affects health of an organism. Current trend in stem cell is Stem cells help in repair of Traumatic Brain Injury by building Biobridge. Another research is patient’s own cells can be used for the treatment of Parkinson Disease Treatment. Regenerative Medicine and stem cells focus of Clinic heart research.

  • Scientists decipher a biochemical mechanism significant for tumour biology
  • Scientists developed a method to test fluorescent biosensors before they’re synthesized
  • Pulling power reveals new insights into membrane dynamics in human cells
  • High resolution imaging gives an unparalleled view of how fungi grow
  • tRNA scraps in mosquitoes may play part in spreading disease
  • Vitamin C in the body can be routed by fluorescence
  • Plant Stem Cells In Cosmetics
  • Stem Cells of Dental origin
  • Stem cell Therapies for reversing vision loss

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