Molecular Biology in Proteomics

Molecular Biology in Proteomics Photo

Proteomics is a critique of ProteinsProteins have a wide variety of functions in Molecular Biology. They can be represented as enzymes, antibodies, stuctural components inside and outside the cell, receptors and transporters for chemical ligands, regulators and nutritional stores. Proteome denotes entire set of proteins produced and modified in an organism. It’s an interdisciplinary domain of Molecular Biology that was benefited using Human Genome Project. It is often used in protein purification and mass spectroscopy. 2D gel electrophoresis is the current swinging methodology in Proteomics. The current trends in Proteomics are quantification of proteins and post transcriptional modification. Proteomics for system biology, molecular biology and human plasma protein are the trends in proteomics.

  • Interaction proteomics
  • Expression proteomics
  • Proteogeomics
  • Structural Proteomics
  • Protein chips and Protein Microarrays

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